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By Phil, September 28, 2014 Comments Off The Games Cast

It’s all about the Eurogamer love this week as Phil & Amy recount their time at London’s Eurogamer Expo 2014 in this special round up from the show including interviews with some of the developers behind the greatest indie games of the show.

By Phil, September 14, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

Even though there has been no show this week we thought you’d still like to hear from from the desk of the pen of The Voice Of Sex:

Diamond Digger Saga: Match Three meets Where’s My Water. Possibly King’s best game yet. Free until level 40, and actually playable up until level 60 when the difficulty curve kicks in.

Clash of Clans: The biggest update EVER coming in the next few days. Watch out for the Lava Hound, a flying tank unit that targets air defences.

Duet: A fantastic action title about relationships based on the Kubler-Ross stages of grief. Trippy visuals and music play as you take control of two dots who splat impressively when they come into contact with falling shapes, and a creepy GLADOS style voice rambles about various rubbish. Will give you motion sickness.

By Phil, August 14, 2014 Comments Off The Games Cast

It’s Episode 100, what more do you need to know!?

We still do Retro Tunes, What We’ve Been Playing (including lots of Elite talk), revisiting EA Access, and the QuizUp challenge.

Most of the show is a history lesson of us with loads of clips of us going right back to 2005 when our podcasting life began.

It’s a long show, and we still haven’t even started on Season 2 of TGC yet! That’s for next week (if Duncan can manage to pull the right clips out!).

We’ll hopefully be getting a “best of” type show put together with our favourite clips, but we would love to hear of any standout moments you guys pick too.

That’s it, no links this week given it was a very special show. If you guys could also help us to convince Paul to come back on the show more often that would be awesome!

Till next time!

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If you enjoyed, don’t forget to share this around, then tune in next week for more of the same.

By duncan, August 6, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

You may have seen us blathering on about it being episode 100 this Sunday. While we can’t quite believe we’ve got this far we wouldn’t have got here without the support of you folks tuning in to us.

As you’d expect this episode is going to be a little bit different. We’ll still include Retro Tunes and what we’ve been playing, and catching up on some comments we’ve had around EA Access following last Sunday, but otherwise we’re chucking the normal show out of the window.

Oh, did we mention Paul will be on Episode 100? No!

Paul is coming back home to TGC in a “one night only” style appearance to celebrate this milestone!

We’ll be taking a trip down memory lane, going right back to the beginning of our podcasting life some 9 years ago, revisiting the highs and lows and “WTF!” moments of the past nine years; and we want to get your memories of our broadcasting output.

Whether it’s from very recent episodes or way back to the days of Vagusnet we want your recollections, stories and best bits of the shows and YouTube stuff we’ve done so far.

“How do I get this to you?” I hear you cry. All the usual methods are available to you of course but we’d recommend emailing us on We’ll accept anything in writing or audio if you fancy recording some memories for us. We’ll include as many as we can in the show this Sunday.

This should be a great show so make sure you get involved LIVE on Sunday 10 August at 9pm!

By Phil, August 5, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

Birthday Message

Join us this Sunday at 9pm BST as we celebrate our one hundredth episode! It promised to be a good one. After that we’ll go and do something useful, like prepare for episode 101, again.

By Phil, August 5, 2014 Comments Off The Games Cast

One away from the big 100 and we have a hell of a lot to prepare. Meantime we made episode 99, and it’s a cracker this week (if I do say so myself) with our pick of the weeks news, our own gaming highlights, Retro Tunes, Sex Talks About Apps, an awesome run on QuizUp, and loads of great feedback from the live chat room! One of our best shows ever. Which makes next week’s 100th Episode even more difficult.

The main thing we picked out this week was the clash of EA Access and PlayStation Now hitting the consumers, and opinion between us ended in Phil “doing a Microsoft”.

By Phil, July 28, 2014 Comments Off The Games Cast

We’re back after a two week Summer break and it’s like nothing has ever changed!

Phil and Duncan go through what they’ve been playing, the top news items of the week, a totally new Retro Tunes, and the invention of a brand new segment live on the air; QuizUp!

Ok, so the new segment isn’t our own idea and we’re totally using the App of the same name but here’s the thing; we want you guys to challenge us on QuizUp to be played out live on the show.

You can either play along live during the broadcast or answers the questions using the game’s offline challenge mode. We’ll be doing this each week and we need you to let us know by 12pm on the Saturday before the show so we can make sure both Phil and Duncan have you on their Friend list within the game.

Tweet, email or facebook message us and we’ll get back to you to sort it out. You can pick any topic you like, it doesn’t have to be Video Games!

If you want to get the game:

Android –…
iOS –…

We also spoke about ScreenCheat too – this looks like an amazing game!! – Screencheat brings back an old-school multiplayer cheat method and bases a whole game around it –…

By Phil, July 7, 2014 9 The Games Cast

So far we’ve got away with it and Ms Lohan’s lawyers haven’t been contact.

We took a small diversion and changed the format of the show, something we end up doing once in a while and hopefully this works out for you guys. Let us know in the comments if it does.

In short, we changed the format, without changing the format. Makes no sense right? Didn’t to us either when we were working it out pre-show.

Nonetheless it felt good for us (ooooh Matron!) so we’ll run with it.

In a nutshell we spent most of our time talking more about Watch Dogs and why we still love it (warning, there are mini spoilers in this bit), why paying for demos is an awful idea but also one that may have legs, and how creativity is being shot.