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By Phil, April 17, 2014 1 The All-New Survival Island, YouTube

Survival Island is one of those places you don’t normally pick as your summer holiday destination. Unfortunately Duncan and Phil both ended up there through no fault of their own. (Okay, so they opened up Minecraft and created a world, but you know, someone else forced them to do it. Honest.)

It’s a brand new YouTube show and it’s premiering very soon. Head over to - and if you’re especially lucky you’ll catch us on Twitch as we broadcast when we record for YouTube.



By Phil, April 1, 2014 1 The Games Cast

This week Phil and Amy took a visit to EGX Rezzed in that there Birmingham so we have a report back on the games that took their interest. This includes the usual news and what we’ve been playing, Dalek makes a welcome return to stop Phil and Duncan destroying his segment and of course we talk Retro Tunes too.

Oh by the way, you knew about the Facebook/Oculus Rift deal? Good so we won’t be blowing any minds with that news.

As you guessed we went to town with this talking about what we felt the impact of the deal was, why Facebook would be interested and why should anybody care. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this too so make sure you get in touch to let us know.

We were joined this week by the fabulous Voice of Sex who once again made a part of the show no-one can forget.

By duncan, March 23, 2014 1 New Episode

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…is this thing on?

Ah yes, excellent!

So it’s safe to say that the audio gremlins decided to try and derail the show this week so the first twenty minutes isn’t our best quality stuff but luckily Duncan and Phil managed to get everything working again and got in to full flow as always.

This week we do all the usual things including the weeks news, what we’ve been playing talking about the Minecraft server and how Duncan got an excuse to play the game for his Son’s homework, Retro Tunes rolled over for another week (how are you people not getting this one?!)  and Dalek Sex provided us with another review of the week’s best apps.

I think we should also apologise for the unbearable gags near the end. Damn, it’s happening again, the running gag JUST WON’T DIE!!

Safe to say we had a lot of fun making the show this week despite the technical challenges. Such is the pressure and excitement of making our show 100% live every week!

Top stories

VR is the new Black -

Do these Execs know something we don’t? -

System updates a go-go -

By duncan, March 10, 2014 0 New Episode

Phil and Duncan return in a show where they actually attempt to make sense…nah only kidding, it ends it swearing, odd voices and laughing at some of the most bizarre we’ve come up with live on air.

Dalek Sex is busy working on season 5 of The Lolocaust but he did get time to give us his recommendations of the week for apps. It’s been a bit disappointing on the Android side so it’s an iOS heavy section. Which means there are no ‘droid apps he felt worthy of inclusion.

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Our main headlines this week are:

OnLive is coming back in a slightly new guise -

Jack Tretton to step down as CEO of SCE on March 31st -

Watch Dogs finally dated but why was it delayed -

By Phil, February 18, 2014 1 The Games Cast

This week Phil returns although he was doing a bit of an outside broadcast from a hotel room in Dover. Having an outside broadcast makes us sound all professional with a whole bunch of people working for us to make things work; and if you believe that we’ll let you.

You can listen to Ep81 right now by using the built in player to the right of this post, or pick it up from our Spreaker page.

The show is a Flappy Bird free zone people, there is no need to panic…except for Phil getting Duncan on to Cookie Cutter at the end of the show. We’re just pretending the last 10 minutes of the show didn’t happen.

We would also like to point your attention to our very good friends over at who recently had a massive relaunch on the back of the Xbox One. They have a load of tournaments, competitions to win awesome prizes, and they give a great place for you to connect with other like minded Xbox Live gamers. It’s all run by an amazing team and we’re very proud to support them!

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So let’s give you all the details of the news stuff Phil and Duncan talked about this week, starting off with the headlines:

Kickstarter meets teh haxxors -

Who’d have thought eSRAM would be so talked about? -

And you too can preorder a goat! -

By Phil, January 21, 2014 1 Retro Tunes Competition, The Games Cast

The family friendly show that turned out to not be family friendly. (That was Duncan’s fault) Duncan and Phil talk everything gaming, all the weeks news and the debut of the new listener driven weekly section.

Co-Op Mode is your chance to pose any questions, suggestions or thoughts you may have and we’ll do our best to answer them. This weeks went really well so make sure you get involved for next weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our post every Wednesday to post your questions directly to us!

Dalek In The House

We were joined this week by the fabulous Voice of Sex who contributed to the show with the usual Sex Talks About Apps.

Top stories

This weeks mammoth list of news goes something like this. We didn’t even get to cover all of it properly but we thought it was worth you knowing this.

Starting off with our headlines, there was various Steam/SteamBox bits and pieces flying around:

Apple get severly boned in court by a bunch of poor parents. Duncan got a bit ranty at this one. Well someone has to keep up the side for Paul:

Nintendo severly cuts it proposed sales figures for WiiU:

By duncan, January 16, 2014 Comments Off Developments, Fan interaction, New Episode

Co-Op Mode is where we want you folks to get involved with us and fling questions our way about anything gaming including stuff from the week’s news, gaming gripes and rants etc. We also invite you to send questions specifically for Phil and Duncan  or both of them.

We want to open the show up a bit more and let you guys control what happens. Admittedly we may end up regretting this but when we’ve done this in the past we’ve had some great questions and it’s ended up sparking some brilliant conversations.

“How can I get my question to you?” I hear you cry!

Well it’s very simple. Head over to the top post on our Facebook page ( and drop a comment there. If you’re not on Facebook then you can also email your question to

You’ve got until 9:00pm tomorrow night (Friday 17 January) to get them in to us. And if you don’t send us a question, Chuck Norris will want to know why!

By Phil, January 13, 2014 3 The Games Cast

2014 has begun and The Games Cast is back. Everything is right with the world again!

Join Phil and Duncan as they take you through their Christmas and New Year gaming expeditions, all the weeks best news (including a Paul-esque rant from Duncan), and important news on the Christmas 2013 Retro Tunes competition!

Dalek Attacks Apps

We were joined this week by the fabulous Voice of Sex who returns with some Electric Six inspired Apps action.

Top stories

PlayStation Now game-streaming service coming summer 2014 (2015 for Europe) and needs a minimum 5Mb/s connection – -

Titanfall limited to 6v6 in multiplayer. ‘Net rage ensues –

Ever hallucinate after playing a game for a long time? –