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By Phil, June 28, 2010 2 Podcasts, The Games Cast

E3 2010

It’s that crazy time of year again. Nope, not E3 itself – it’s the post-E3 come-down. This month’s GamesCast is an all out E3 Come-Down special as we poke and prod at the three main events this year. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all come under the microscope and we leave no stone unturned as we discuss Kinect, Playstation Move and the Nintendo 3DS, as well as all the game news and the exclusives, exclusives, exclusives.

As well as all that there’s the usual three competitions, including a brand new Retro Tune to guess, courtesy ofThe One-Ups and a new caption for Boidster’s caption comp; both the Retro Tunes and Boidsters comps are sponsored by Boomerang Rentals. Paul returns with his competition – sponsored by Gamer Print. Fingers crossed someone get’s it this month!


By Phil, June 28, 2010 1 Ramblings

What do you think?

After many months of hard craft we can finally release our brand new website. Keeping the same familiar style as our old website this new wordpress-based site allows us to focus more on the podcast as well as enabling us to do the odd rant or article as and when we want to.

Each post features various social media options including the ability to tweet all about it yourself. There’s also a Facebook link, if you’re so inclined.

At the footer of the site the widgets faithfully recreated the old three column style of the old website with all the faithful sections making a comeback. Including the latest Frugal Gaming posts and gaming news from There’s also a brand new TGC Radio widget which will flurry into action whenever we’re transmitting. As well as that there’s a live comments feed of all the latest lovely stuff you’ve said.

We can also post the caption competition with the website as well as providing more and more content to our lovely listeners. Plus, if the wonderful offerings of a brand new site wasn’t enough, you can leave lovely comments as well. For example, you could tell us what you think of the lovely new design, just down there.

Scroll a bit further…

The Caption Competition : July 2010

What did one controller say to the other?

Put your entry in the comments below and you could win 2100 MS points, courtesy of those wonderful people at Boomerang Rentals.

Closing date is will be one day before we record the next episode of the podcast and as ever all the terms and conditions are available on the competition page.

For this month’s caption competition we will be accepting all entries so far on twitter so there’s no need to rush and include your caption below.